Development of Novel High- and Medium-Manganese Steels for Cryogenic Applications  - Strengthening light-weight Fe-Mn-Al-(N,C) alloys for cryogenic applications
  - Alloy design of medium-manganese steels with excellent low-temperature toughness
  - High-temperature hydrogen attack and reheating cracking of heat-resistant steels


Hydrogen Embrittlement and Applications of Metallic Materials   - Crygenic and hydrogen embrittlement of high-manganese steels for liquid hydrogen storage  - High-temperature hydrogen attack and reheating cracking of heat-resistant steels  - Materials selection and criterion for hybrid hydrogen ironmaking  - Hydrogen embrittlement of metallic materials subjected to different hydrogen charging methods


Strain-Based Design of High-strength API Linepipe Steels & Earthquake Resisting Reinforced       Steel Bars   - Thermo-mechanical control process (TMCP) and microstructural evolution  - Optimum microstructure to achieve excellent deformability of low yield ratio and high uniform elongation  - Microstructure-based prediction of tensile properties using multiple linear regression analysis

Engineering Strength and Toughness into Advanced Metallic Materials   - Development of nanostructured bainite steels for high-hardness armors (HHA)  - Hydrogen embrittlement of Ti-6Al-4V alloys for military and aerospace applications  - Dynamic deformation and fracture behaviors of high specific-strength steels


Computational Materials Science and Engineering & Materials Characterization